Saturday, July 22, 2017


I'm completely serious when I say I look forward to this day all year. There is a 30 acre field of sunflowers just a half an hour away, and I've been anticipating this since our visit last summer. My friend Christine and I always joke about how flower anxiety is a real thing - we're either afraid we'll miss peak bloom, or when we go everyone else in the world will be there, too. The fears were real this year as peak bloom happened on a Saturday and there were multiple news stories about the blooming flowers. I knew we'd be in for a crowd, so we headed there around 9AM. We shouldn't have been surprised, but A LOT of other people had the same idea. Thankfully, with 30 acres to work with, there were plenty of flowers to go around and it was just as magical as it looks. Giddy doesn't even begin to describe how I felt, and Hazel loved them, too. See you next year, sunflowers!  photo IMG_0918_zpscefifmxq.jpg  photo IMG_0920_zpsr43qwirt.jpg  photo IMG_0925_zpsmbeal0ah.jpg  photo IMG_0935_zpskjz32o1i.jpg  photo IMG_0957_zpswvadi1iv.jpg  photo IMG_0967_zpse0lh6vx5.jpg  photo IMG_0979_zpscwgbcakn.jpg  photo IMG_0984_zpsgn1yd9ro.jpg  photo IMG_0992_zpstospgeax.jpg  photo IMG_0999_zpsufizvhbg.jpg  photo IMG_1020_zpsrtgm4rmx.jpg  photo IMG_1028_zpsxeibuzfg.jpg  photo IMG_1039_zpsofhtvd0i.jpg

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