Friday, August 4, 2017

Bath time.

I'm trying to get better at remembering to pick up my camera in the normal, everyday moments we experience with Hazel. While sometimes having my camera on me can feel like a burden, Hazel is getting bigger every day, and I'm continually grateful for all the times I paused to document the sweetness of life with her. Yesterday's bath time was nothing special, just part of the daily routine, and yet these may be some of my favorite pictures I've taken of her to date.  photo IMG_1158_zpsznfgypbw.jpg  photo IMG_1157_zpsouv0fw2h.jpg  photo IMG_1145_zpsuj76hcyl.jpg  photo IMG_1168_zpswfb5w3bw.jpg  photo IMG_1171_zpszjqvayzg.jpg  photo IMG_1173_zpsboq8stid.jpg  photo IMG_1186_zpskgdoqkta.jpg  photo IMG_1197_zps3ubicgtn.jpg

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