Tuesday, January 17, 2017

4 months of Hazel.

How is my baby already 4 months old today?! We really cannot get enough of this little honey graham - she is just the absolute best. Here's a little rundown of her at 4 months:

Development/Milestones: This month was a big one as she started daycare! I think it was probably harder on us than her, and she seems to be flourishing there so far. We are lucky that it's right in our neighborhood, which makes it convenient for pick-up / drop-off. Other developmental milestones include rolling over for the first time (front to back), reaching for toys / things nearby, chatting and laughing, and occasionally grabbing her feet. We love watching her learn and grow.

Eating: Breastmilk all day, everyday. I would like to note that she has adapted quite well to bottle feeding at daycare, since she hadn't used one at all before. We still exclusively breastfeed at home - I mean, it's free and convenient! Plus, I know I'll miss these days!

Sleeping: Sleeps for a 10 hour stretch from ~ 7PM-5AM and then another 3ish hours 5:30-8:30AM. It's pretty great! I have some of the cutest videos waking her up at 8:30 because it's time to get going for daycare - this girl loves her sleep (and we are so grateful)!

Likes and Demeanor: She is still all around a very happy baby! She likes people and is happy to be held by anyone with a heart beat. She is generally very cuddly, likes to babble, and is particularly chatty on her changing table in the evenings. We love (and LIKE) this sweet girl so much!
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