Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sailing with ONA!

I took a whirlwind trip to New York yesterday for some bonding on the water with my co-workers. Back in the original days of ONA, our first monthly field trip was sailing so we recreated that yesterday with the current team. It was an idyllic summer day and such good time spent together sailing around a city we all love so much. Bonus, after we sailed I introduced my co-workers to Christine and her new pug puppy, Gertie! So very grateful for my job and the opportunity to be back in New York so frequently because of it.
 photo IMG_6824_zpsryifqxkr.jpg  photo IMG_6853_zpsnsdtc1ov.jpg  photo IMG_6916_zpsizpxbfvk.jpg  photo IMG_6866_zps1sikdqaa.jpg  photo IMG_6925_zpspzzeta95.jpg  photo IMG_6927_zpset28z7jf.jpg  photo IMG_6940_zpsatg0mh0a.jpg  photo IMG_6951_zpso0avjstk.jpg  photo IMG_6958_zpsq2rh59i0.jpg  photo IMG_6964_zpskxh3ineg.jpg

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