Friday, January 9, 2015

Snow day!

The best thing about Fridays (other than it being Friday) is that I work from home. I absolutely love work-from-home Fridays for an abundance of reasons, but the main one is having time for a walk in Central Park before work begins. Today I woke up with the surprise of snow and couldn't get ready fast enough to get outside. I know I'll probably complain about the snow later on this winter, but there's nothing like the first real snow of the season. It doesn't hurt that Central Park is gorgeous regardless, but the addition of snow made this morning one of my favorites.
 photo photo2-39_zps3cffb93c.jpg  photo photo1-40_zps0b391ee2.jpg  photo photo1-39_zps50a83f7d.jpg  photo photo5-6_zpsbb5b2cc4.jpg  photo photo2-38_zps7ff532ea.jpg  photo photo3-27_zps0ca40138.jpg

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