Saturday, March 16, 2013

We're Moving to New York City!

So... big news over here! I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it, but during the first week of April we're packing up our little lives and we're moving our family of two! After months and months of interviews, Aaron was offered a wonderful opportunity in the city, and we're going for it! We are childless and young and it's an adventure we want go on! I'm certain there will be a ton of adjustments/challenges/etc, but at least we've already mastered the living in less than 500 sqaure feet thing (thanks, DC apartment).

There have already been some tears, of course, because we're absolutely heartbroken to leave our families and friends in DC. Both of our families are here, and it's where we've found comfort and so many close friends. It really feels like we just got settled here, but I'm sure we'll adjust to all things Manhattan very soon. I'm both excited and nervous for this transition, as I can't really imagine what day to day life will be like there. It's going to be an adventure while finding out, though!

We already have an apartment lined up for our first few months in Manhattan (on the Upper West Side), and I plan on making it my mission to find something more permanent. I'll also be job searching, picture taking, and back in Maryland almost every other week with weddings to shoot and other events. I plan on getting better at using the phone, and will updating this blog way more often.

With all that said, we're excited/scared/happy/sad/anxious for the next few weeks, but our plan is to make all of our DC moments count with eating at our favorite restaurants with our favorite friends. We're both looking forward to the many ways we'll need to trust God with this transition, and are so confident that His provision will be perfect.

And you are also receiving a formal invitation to come visit us! You will have a lovely IKEA sofa to sleep on, and maybe an air mattress someday, too.
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