Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up.

It's been a little silent around these parts, am I right? Turns out there is way more to blog about when your on vacation and have 8 straight days off of work. I also think it's getting to the point in winter where the days feel extra cold and I'm more inclined to take a nap in my spare time than do anything outside.

As for the weekend, I went to DryBar with several girls from my small group to celebrate Alysa's birthday on Friday. I was totally skeptical as I don't really like the way other people do my hair, but it was so much fun and I loved the way my hair turned out. Basically, you pay $40 to have your hair washed, dried, and styled - along with plenty of champagne and girl-bonding time. I am already looking for another excuse to go!

The rest of my weekend was spent photographing a wedding (for a bride whose photographer quit two weeks before! Can you imagine?), and photographing an engagement shoot at the Lincoln Memorial. Both days were freezing, but I'm excited about the pictures. I hope your weekend was good, too!
 photo photo-2_zps2c6d21af.jpg

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