Monday, October 1, 2012

What we've learned in 3 months of marriage.

Yesterday marked 3 months of marriage for us! Holy cow it's gone fast. I know they say times flies when you're having fun, but it sure would have been nice if our engagement could have felt this quick when we had three months to go. Those were the looongest days ever. But now, the days and weeks pass ever so quickly. That doesn't mean we're having fun every.single.second, but it does seem like every.single.second is that much better because I am married to Aaron. I don't think I've had any earth-shattering, life-changing realizations about marriage yet, but I have learned a thing or two about Aaron, and myself, and most days I'm just glad I haven't died from happiness. Here's what I've learned so far!

1. I don't need as much alone time as I thought. It's been interesting to find that my introverted alone-time-loving self is much more content and energized when hanging out with Aaron. We do spend plenty of time in quiet, but I much prefer being with him than being alone these days.

2. Aaron's legs are hotter than the surface of the sun during the night. This is potentially an exaggeration, but an entirely real circumstance I encounter almost nightly. Those babies get HOT, and I constantly need the air turned down and the fan blowing if I want to get any sleep at all.

3. Going on runs with another person is nice. I didn't think I would like running with someone else, mostly because I'm not THAT good at running (you know, like good enough to talk), but since Aaron IS good at running he tells me stories about the Navy and other smart things while I huff and puff and feel safe beside him.

4. We like routine. Whether it's what we do when we get ready for work, or the same exact bike ride we go on every time, I've discovered that we both really really love routine. I had always considered myself a spontaneous type, but in actuality I think I really do love routine. And most of all the ones we have together.

5. I want to get married every day. It's not that I want another wedding (noooo, thanks!), but I do want to choose Aaron as my husband each and every single day. The jump-out-of-your-skin as you walk down the aisle to the person you love the most is the best thing in the world, and it's even better when you wake up next to them and feel the very same thing.

I asked Aaron to write what he's learned, too.

1. I love normalcy. I spent the last five years wishing for something normal. Before I met Jill, that meant simply not having to worry about being called in for duty, being sent underway on short notice, and so many other things. When Jill and I were dating long distance it also meant having dinner with her on a Tuesday night, going on weeknight bike rides, and not having to drive four hours to see her on the weekends. Three months in, this is the most joyful state of being I have ever experienced.
2. Jill thinks that if she’s awake in the middle of the night, I should be too. And soon after she has this thought, I am.
3. I have SO MUCH MORE to learn about Jill. It’s so easy to think that I know everything about my best friend with whom I spend nearly all of my non-working hours, but daily she surprises me. In such good ways. Whether it’s a reaction to something I didn’t expect, or a suggestion she makes to do something I didn’t think she’d be interested in, she’s always shattering my notions about her. I love knowing her, and I love learning everything I can. I’m so excited I’ll never stop learning new things!*
4. One of our favorite hobbies: creating new nicknames for each other. And they would all be (and have been, when discovered) very embarrassing if they got out.
5. Living in a tiny apartment makes avoiding conflict nearly impossible. And I’m not entirely sure that’s a bad thing. When we have a fight or have hurt one another’s feelings we have physically no place to go to avoid each other. While it makes for some discomfort, it also forces us to fully reconcile to each other quickly. I love that, because if there is one relationship I want to be right, it’s this one.

This remains one of our favorite pictures ever.
*Aaron is so sweet, I promise I didn't make him write nice things about me.

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