Wednesday, March 1, 2017

5 months of Hazel.

5 months down with this little lady! Something about approaching 6 months makes my heart a little sad. Wasn't she just born? While it's sad for time to so quickly pass, it's such a joy to watch her learn and grow. Every day we are more amazed by her and find ourselves laughing constantly at the cute things she does. We're having so much more fun than we could have ever expected! 

Development/Milestones: She has TWO teeth! Practically on her way to eating a steak ;) She's also developed a knack for standing and grabbing things. She can roll from front to back, and we're working on the other way.

Eating: We are still breastfeeding, but the pediatrician recently gave us the go-ahead to try out some baby food. Eek! I mean, I think it'll be cute to see her eating and trying new things but breastfeeding is so dang convenient that it'll be an adjustment bringing in another element.

Sleeping: There was a bit of a sleep regression this month, but things are back to normal now. During the regression she would wake up in the middle of the night just happily chatting. No tears! Not hungry! Just awake and chatting. Thankfully, just popping in the pacifier helped her go right back to sleep.

Likes and Demeanor: She's seeming a little bit less cuddly as she's eager to look around and be involved. I don't have much baby experience, but I've been so surprised by how observant she seems to be. If I have her in the Solly Wrap she will crane her head around to see whatever it is I'm doing. She also finds it very amusing to practice standing! When she looks at us for approval it's pretty much the cutest thing. 

 photo IMG_0931_zpsfxcwfkue.jpg  photo IMG_0936_zpswjqmkfrm.jpg  photo IMG_0956_zpsruu1ikj4.jpg  photo IMG_0965_zpsq96hv7am.jpg  photo IMG_0983_zps7uuf6qpx.jpg  photo IMG_0988_zpsljmkn0h3.jpg
(ps. totally meant to post this like 2 weeks ago. OH WELL!)

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