Saturday, August 9, 2014

A rooftop picnic!

I've lately tried to give more of an effort to bring along my "real" camera when we do things, and I'm never sad when I do. (Unless I lug my camera along when we end up doing something super boring, and then I'm always sad I brought along that heavy, bulky thing). BUT, when you have a picnic on the rooftop of your apartment and the only thing between you and this activity is a ladder - the commute of your camera isn't so bad. So, I bring you our Friday night picnic via my "real" camera.
 photo IMG_1896_zpsbe38253d.jpg  photo IMG_1897_zps1111eadf.jpg  photo IMG_1901_zps247db694.jpg  photo IMG_1902_zpsc60d1151.jpg  photo IMG_1899_zps308a896f.jpg  photo IMG_1905_zps8120f2de.jpg  photo IMG_1906_zps97bb67a5.jpg  photo IMG_1916_zps252e97ef.jpg  photo IMG_1919_zps258aa2af.jpg
Yep… these were taken by self timer. Cool.
 photo IMG_1925_zpsd00b370f.jpg  photo IMG_1927_zps6d69c5a9.jpg

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