Monday, March 24, 2014

Beach Weekend + Baby Gazin'

There is certainly plenty to catch up on from the past two months (like becoming an AUNT), but I'd rather just jump right into photos from this weekend. For the second year in a row, we've gathered at my family's beach house in Bethany to celebrate my Dad's birthday. This year we took Friday off of work and had an extra glorious day to soak in family time and beach-gazin'. And when I say beach-gazin' I really mean baby-gazin'. Because let's be honest, that's pretty much what we did all weekend. It was good.
 photo IMG_0328_zps3cf83204.jpg  photo IMG_0330_zps6db4138a.jpg  photo IMG_0337_zps7e37d54f.jpg  photo IMG_0341_zps0dff1bc3.jpg  photo IMG_0347_zps6bfbaacf.jpg  photo IMG_0350_zpsa5cc7876.jpg  photo IMG_0355_zps068913d9.jpg  photo IMG_0378_zps818ce45d.jpg  photo IMG_0386_zps30a9cfeb.jpg
First time her little toes have touched the sand!
 photo IMG_0403_zps87759c73.jpg  photo IMG_0405_zps68e8706c.jpg
(Um how good does my sister look? Here's to hoping I have the same genes post-baby…)
 photo IMG_0417_zpsc5df7f3d.jpg  photo IMG_0442_zpsa24470b7.jpg  photo IMG_0451_zps831ec7ca.jpg  photo IMG_0456_zpsa1714299.jpg
Ps. Today is my Dad's actual birthday. Happy Birthday, Daddio! I love you!

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