Monday, January 20, 2014

Arizona Part III: Scottsdale

I meant to finish posting pictures from our trip to Arizona in December, but somehow the month quickly got away from me and here we are mid-January. After the sadness of our time at the Grand Canyon, we rounded out our trip with a stop in Scottsdale to enjoy some sunshine and palm trees. We didn't stay overnight, but we stopped at the Gainey Ranch Hyatt for several hours before flying back to New York on red-eye. It was the perfect end to our trip, and gave us time to laugh about our misfortune at the Grand Canyon while drinking beer and lounging in the sun.
 photo IMG_9180_zps15908975.jpg  photo IMG_9186_zps935e7287.jpg  photo IMG_9190_zps4d03811f.jpg  photo IMG_9193_zps814f1bbb.jpg  photo IMG_9197_zps9e75ffc5.jpg  photo IMG_9198_zpse1985733.jpg  photo IMG_9202_zps5a4bb432.jpg  photo IMG_9206_zps5c2e07cf.jpg  photo IMG_9209_zps424b8d70.jpg  photo IMG_9216_zpsfadab1fa.jpg  photo IMG_9232_zps1268a4fc.jpg  photo IMG_9228_zpsbecfca45.jpg  photo IMG_9236_zps766cd673.jpg  photo IMG_9230_zps2530cd2d.jpg

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