Monday, May 27, 2013

The day we almost bought a dog.

Hello there! We almost bought a dog today. I'm pretty sure we were sugar-high on real ice cream (too much froyo, lately) and it really almost happened. I would categorize myself as impulsive (sometimes), but I think that would have topped the charts for us. Not to mention the only other person in this tiny puppy store was Leslie Mann from Knocked Up, and you really can't be responsible for your decisions when you're in the presence of a celebrity. Sadly, the $2,400 price tag made us walk away, but I know the puppy loved us too because it cried as we left. Happy Memorial Day!  photo photo-14_zps6b8f0d9b.jpg  photo photo-16_zpsa8fc7584.jpg  photo Untitled-1-1_zpsa21c0bfe.jpg

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