Sunday, September 23, 2012


Do you know what Chambray shirts remind me of? The 1990's. I doubt I was in anyway enlightened to fashion at that point in my life, but there's nothing quite like a soft denim shirt to bring you back.

On one of our first dates Aaron wore a chambray shirt. Totally cool, the 90's didn't cross my mind, and obviously I thought he looked great. I also was newly infatuated and hadn't honed in on my detail-oriented giftings at that point. Life goes on, we date, get married, and find ourselves at the beach with my family over Labor Day weekend. My now semi-fashion-aware self goes shopping at the beach outlets to purchase my very own, very in style, chambray shirt from J. Crew. The comedy chimes in when we realized that our chambray shirts ARE IDENTICAL. I'm talking buttons on the same side, he's wearing a woman's shirt identical. Cue the quote, "I always thought the shoulders felt a little tight." We made him roll down his leaves and sure enough, WOMEN'S SHIRT. Thank goodness, I'm a nice wife and surprised him with a new shirt (from the Men's section.) a week later.

Moving on. On Thursday my sister texts me this picture:

I respond with this picture:

9 hours later we take this picture:

Go Chambray!

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